Two poems by Dave Drayton

untitled waterfall

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untitled waterfall

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Issues of craft and technique the writer confronted in the writing of these pieces:

Michèle Métail’s Filigranes (Watermarks), originally published as Bibliothèque Oulipienne #34 (1986), presents the fixed form monostich that revolves around a word present only by implication.

Waterfalls presents an accumulation of such watermarks, so that through a process of poetosmosis the marks can concentrate at the bottom of the fall and create poetry in the plunge pool.

Each waterfall consists of a number of panholes, each derived from a word contained within the name of the waterfall.  The five sequences – Wallaman Falls, Queensland; Wollomombi Waterfall, New South Wales; Dandongadale Falls, Victoria; Ellenborough Falls, New South Wales; and Jim Jim Falls, Northern Territory – represent Geoscience Australia’s selection for the most significant waterfalls in the country. This selection is drawn from Dandongadale Falls.