Joshua Barnes

Joshua Barnes is a writer from Melbourne. His work has appeared in Kill Your Darlings, The Suburban ReviewJunkee, The Point, Voiceworks and on All the Best radio. He is a fiction editor at Voiceworks and a creative producer for the 2016 Emerging Writers’ Festival. He tweets from @j___barnes and instagrams garbage – literal and otherwise – from _joshuabarnes.

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A History of Rests

What did Christina Stead see when, in 1930, she left Paris – largely to avoid meeting the mother-in-law of her de-facto partner, William Blech, who, awkwardly, was married to someone else – for Salzburg, Austria, in order to attend a festival devoted to the work of Mozart, that city’s most famous son? The Salzburg Tales, published four years later, was based largely on her time there, and that book’s first word discloses to us in terms that could not be more literal what Stead saw when she arrived: ‘Salzburg’.