Antonia Pont

Antonia Pont is a senior lecturer in writing and literature at Deakin University. She publishes creative and scholarly works, including poetry, essays, fiction and philosophical prose. Her research involves theorising ‘practising’ (for the creative arts and more widely) in conversation with 20th century French philosophy. In 2017, she co-authored Practising with Deleuze (Edinburgh University Press). Antonia is the current chair of the peak body for tertiary-level creative writing in Australasia, the Australasian Association for Writing Programs (AAWP). She tweets at @AntoniaPont.

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New Fidelities

What do our choices (our likes) – as writers now, as makers – say, if anything, about how we see the world? In other words, do preferences around style speak to the ontologies to which we subscribe, knowingly or not? Does style (in the broadest sense here) betray our most pressing existential worries, our particular way of squirming and daring? And, as an upshot, does what we experience as the spoken or unspoken rules of writing (or of particular writing enclaves and positions on writing) have anything to do with power and politics?