Omar Sakr

Omar Sakr’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Island, Overland, Verity La, Strange Horizons, Red Room Company and Meanjin, among many others. He received the runner-up award in the Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New and Emerging Poets (2015), and his debut collection, These Wild Houses, is out now with Cordite Books. His poetry has been translated into Arabic as well as Spanish, and anthologised in Best Australian Poems 2016 (Black Inc). His new collection, The Lost Arabs (2019), is forthcoming with UQP.

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Issue #2, Poetry

Vacation Country
What My Body Tells

Some days I wake up as Kafka waking
up as a man up as a son up as a bug
up as a country, which though changed
into some unrecognisable scurrying,
idles in the space it grew up in
unable to leave and with no one
willing to kill it, or look it in the eye
or caress one of its long antennae.
Some days all I hear is the hateful buzz
of its sweet luminous wings.