Zoya Patel

Zoya Patel is the editor / founder of online feminist journal, Feminartsy, and the former Editor-In-Chief of Lip Magazine. She is the 2015 ACT Young Woman of the Year, was Highly Commended in the 2015 Scribe Nonfiction Prize, was the recipient of the 2014 Anne Edgeworth Young Writers’ Fellowship, and received a 2014 Edna Ryan Awards for making a feminist difference in the media.

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Creating a Cultural Identity

I hate answering questions about Indian culture from well-meaning colleagues or friends in case I get it wrong, and I constantly feel like other Indians who work with me are judging me for what I wear, or say, or do. I know that these insecurities are internally driven in a large part, but the process of becoming Australian has scoured away at my Indian-Fijian origins, and it’s difficult to imagine ever really owning either identity.